Because of the way AWAD adds posts, it is not in a very useful order. You may prefer to read the following three sections before the others:

Using the Different Forums

Adding Posts and Using Markup in Posts

How Do I Know If A Subject Has Been Discussed?

Special Characters, Copying Posts
To keep it as clear as possible, please email me with amendments, corrections or additions so we can make it as easy as possible for newcomers to work their way through. I have not credited the various contributions made by others in the process of setting up these helpful hints in their relevant sections but I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially Tsuwm, Jackie, AnnaStrophic, WWH, Bridget96, WOW, Maverick and Bingley for their help and support.

Definitions of terms used here

Titles and Nicknames How have people chosen their nicknames?
Search on "Handles", or look here:

How do you graduate from "Stranger"?
There are different titles given, based on the number of posts.
Here are the titles:
Stranger (0), Newbie (25),
Journeyman (50), Member (100)
Enthusiast (200), Addict (400),
Old Hand (700), Veteran (1200)
Pooh-Bah (1600)
Carpal Tunnel (2500)
Signature Lines:
The system allows you to add a signature. In the past, some of us have used our favourite quotes but we've
found that this becomes distracting, after seeing the same line several times and we prefer not to use them.

Flat Mode v Threaded Mode
There has been some useful discussion on this subject. It seems to be a matter of personal preference.
Search on "flat mode" or "threaded mode" to find the discussion. You can use the icons on the top right
of the thread menu bar to switch modes.

It can be helpful if people quote a little of the post that they are replying to, to help flat-moders find out what
is going on. See the Making a post sub-thread for more discussion on this.

Becoming Unthreaded
When accessing old thread you might find that you can only view them in threaded mode, once you get past
page 1 of flat mode they seem to cross-link to other threads. I tend to find this a little disconcerting but it
seems to be part of the amusement of the board.

Using More than One Window
Some (most) browsers will let you have more than one window of AWAD open at a time. This can be very
useful and may save you getting lost, especially if you need to use "Search" or are adding a post and
trying to link to a previous post.

Other Issues
Here are some other issues which have been discussed in the past. I'll try to add any others that come up.

If you are going to quote an external source, use quote marks/inverted commas. If you are taking information
from another site you can add a hot link to the site (see markup info). There is a discussion on the subject at:
Some long external links, particularly search results, can make the message window become very wide, making it unwieldy and awkward. One way to avoid this is to use the free service provided at http://www.snipurl.com

As an example, the long URL above becomes just this, http://snurl.com/1l10 when run through SnipURL
(Note: the redirect URL this service provides is temporary, so you may wish to keep a copy of the original URL)

Additional References
Some useful links can be found HERE

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