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Before undergoing any surgery, one is required to go for a consultation with your medical practitioner, Lasik eye surgery is non-exemption. It is always important for your eyes to be examined so that they may not suffer any complication that would have been avoided by just going for the consultation. The query is checking if your eyes are prepared for the surgery ahead. Your surgeon, a doctor, or even a laser organization can do this. This article will help paint a picture of what happens in the consultation to familiarize yourself with it before you attend.

Steps of consultation

Eyeglasses prescription. The doctor or surgeon will be able to diagnose what is wrong with your eyes; he will, therefore, advise you the lenses you will be using before the surgery date. The glasses will help correct the situation temporarily, you will, therefore, need the Lasik surgery to permanently remedy the situation and so that you will not be using the glasses.

Evaluate your eyes health. The surgeon will carry out tests to determine the health condition of your eyes; he will make tests so that he or she can make sure you need Lasik surgery. You do not want to go for surgery with your eyes being in perfect shape because this is wastage of resources plus it puts in a risk of ruining your cornea.

Dilating of your eyes. This means that the www LASIK sg  doctor or surgeon will make your eyes larger so that he or she can examine their interior plus also relaxing their focus mechanism to get the best accurate measurement. This helps him or her to advise you on the best direction to take.

Corneal topography measurement. This is the measurement of the shape and thickness of the cornea to determine whether it can withstand laser beam of light. Cornea needs to have the right thickness and shape.

Wavefront measurements. The wavefront of your eyes will be measured to determine the number of aberrations of your eyes.

Analysis of tear film. The surgeon measures some damages your eyes have. This will be to ensure that you do not experience dry eyes syndrome after the surgery. After diagnosing you with these problems, the doctor will try to cure it.

Inspection of the eyelids. The lasik surgeon will examine the look of the eyelids keenly if they are flaccid or bloated. He or she will look for blepharitis, which would increase the complications after surgery.

Test of the dominant eye. He or she will carry out tests to determine which of your eyes. This helps to determine which of your eye is active in the case of making a decision on monovision.

In case the doctor finds out that you are not a qualified candidate for the surgery, he will recommend an alternative procedure of correction.  Read more on surgery blog here.



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