Content Calender

Deciding on a social media content calendar format can be quite a challenging exercise given the wide variety of templates to select from and the various needs, requirements, and tastes of different social media marketers. However, this can be made easier by following a set of criteria when selecting so as to come up with the best and most appropriate one for their given purpose. Some of these guidelines include the ones listed below:

  1. Integration/Scope

This largely depends on the scope of the marketer as different content creators have different outlooks and the extent to which they spread their advertising wings. It involves choosing a calendar by considering how many social media platforms it encompasses. For instance, one content creator may limit their posting to, say, Facebook and Twitter only while others may want to stretch this further to Instagram and Google+ as well as others.

  1. Relevance and Achievability

This is another major consideration for marketers. They should check if the calendar’s template is relevant and applicable to their needs. They should check whether it meets all their needs. If this is not the case, then they should check for another template that is friendlier for their use. The achievability of the calendar elements should also be analyzed so as to ensure that they do not end up with an irrelevant one.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Different marketers have varying financial capabilities. The calendar they choose for their social media marketing strategy must, therefore, be within their financial limits to avoid operating at a loss. They should check whether they can successfully partake of all the activities covered by the chart without straining their coffers.

  1. Measurability

The chosen template should contain features which allow for the analysis and measuring of the success of the social media marketing strategy adopted. It should include deadlines, timelines and the milestones to be achieved within these set periods. Alongside this, it must also put into consideration parameters such as page views and the number of clicks to act as the gauges from which the success of the advertising model chosen may be derived from.

  1. Appeal/ Aesthetics

Simplicity and ease of understanding, as well as the aesthetics of a chart, must be considered so as to ensure that it’s users; the content writers, copywriters, and editors may quickly understanding what each element represents and what it requires of them with regards to the tasks they should be undertaking. Use of icons, pictograms as well as different colors so as to improve its attractiveness. When users better understand and are appealed to by a calendar, they are bound to perform better and hence lead to higher productivity.




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