Private School Scholarship Boosts Trade School Students

Disadvantages of catholic school system

Owing to the pressures that parents have of providing their children with the best education ever, many have followed the catholic school system path as it has some great advantages. For instance, the small classes that the system employs are very good for students thus enabling effective education to the students. In addition, private schools employ highly qualified teachers, which is essential in affecting knowledge in the students. However with all these pros, catholic schools in broward country also have some cons although the pros outweighs the cons. Below are some cons that catholic schools system tags along with.

Religious complexity

Catholic schools incorporate the use of catholic religion in teaching their students regardless of which religion the student is, as long as you have enrolled in them therefore, you are just considered a catholic by default. This therefore makes the school follow the teachings of the religious organization that the owners have not subscribed on. This can be very dangerous to your child especially in case you don’t subscribe to the catholic religion. Religion is an important part of a child’s life and therefore they must be protected at all costs. Enrolling your child in that school therefore will alienate him or her from the rest or may change his or her perspective in the religion that you have been teaching over the years since childhood.

They have costly fees structure

In order to meet the high standards of education that private schools offer to their students, catholic schools pass the burden on to the parent. That is why catholic schools are very costly as compared to their public rivals. With the high costs in fees therefore, those children from poor backgrounds find it hard to be enrolled in them as they cannot fit the bill. That is why the private schools are only reserved for the haves not the have not’s. This is alienating in today’s world where we are supposed to be incorporating each other as it closes doors on some students which is contrary to the catholic religion itself.

The system is alienating

As indicated in the above point, catholic schools are very exorbitant in charging their fees, these therefore makes them schools for only the rich parents kids. However, there are middle-income parents who toil hard day in day out so as to provide their children with a good education and therefore have enrolled in the same catholic schools. This is however very alienating as students from a middle class background feel threatened and inferior to the kids from rich backgrounds. This can adversely affect your child for life with inferiority complex, which can be very dangerous in his life after school. Your child should learn in a comfortable environment where he is happy with life so that he or she can grasp education effectively.